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Federal elections and policy implications in 2012 Research Paper

Government races and strategy suggestions in 2012 - Research Paper Example There are regularly various sorts of government arrangements i...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Federal elections and policy implications in 2012 Research Paper

Government races and strategy suggestions in 2012 - Research Paper Example There are regularly various sorts of government arrangements in the United States. These strategies are generally partitioned by the topic. The arrangement issues Almanac gives the foundation whereupon data, connects, and chronicled archives to cardinal America’s open strategy issues are sorted out and classified (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 13). The United States has partitioned its open arrangements into nine classes: †¢ Criminal equity that incorporate capital punishments, sedate approaches, and weapon controls †¢ Cultural and social strategies including premature birth, craftsmanship, and social equality †¢ Economic undertakings approaches that incorporate assessments and spending plans †¢ Education strategies that fuse basic, optional, and advanced education †¢ Environmental strategies that focus on an unnatural weather change and nature of air †¢ Government activity strategies that administer the battle financing changes and the privatization †¢ Health care strategies that incorporate medical coverage and Medicare †¢ Social government assistance strategy that manages standardized savings and government assistance †¢ Foreign issues and national security approaches that oversee spending on the national guard ... Remarkably, during the 2007 races, president Obama guaranteed much on the monetary recuperation. Toward the finish of his first residency, it appears that he didn't convey completely as he had guaranteed and the economy that was influenced by Bush strategies organizations despite everything moved to the more awful. These realities have made the monetary illicit relationship strategy environmentâ quite unpredictable for either party (Coleman 127). Notwithstanding who could have won the 2012 presidential decisions, the monetary undertaking strategy condition despite everything stays warmed. Moreover, the wellbeing strategy was likewise a noteworthy issue in the 2012 presidential crusades. Regardless of the distinctions in conclusions concerning the proper medicinal services approaches to be ordered, eventually Mitt Romney at one point concurred with certain components of the Obamacare (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 21). Notwithstanding these understandings in sentiments, the wel lbeing issues strategy condition additionally stayed a warmed crusade all through the battle time frame. Different strategies were seen as one gathering or presidential wannabes appear. For example, president Obama primarily tended to the social and society strategy on same sex marriage. Notwithstanding some critical approaches were not given concentrationâ they merited. For example, the earth strategy is an extreme arrangement that compromises United States as well as the whole globe. The natural strategies are the worries of the residents since from the 2008 political races; it appeared the definite method of giving the modest vitality elective (Gleick, Christian-Smith, and Cooley 54). The 2008 presidential crusade caught the consideration of various Americans since the â€Å"DRILL, infant, drill† guaranteed Americans modest and dependable vitality that should have been delivered at home rather

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Ateneo Entrance Exam Essay

Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green) This little line from one of my preferred books helped me start my excursion of self-revelation. Previously, I truly considered myself as somebody very relentlessness. To the world, I'm Just a normal young lady that no one will ever take note. Possibly never will be seen in an exceptional manner, yet I'm resolved to make my imprint. Be that as it may, be a tease things first, I needed to find myself and characterize who I truly am. My first snapshot of self-revelation started, really, when originally built up my affection for books.And that second happened way, path back when I was as yet a little youngster. Nothing made me more joyful than going to National, Power Books or Fully Booked to go see what new storybook, magazine or novel was accessible. Right up 'til today going book shopping, a movement a great many people my age would discover as tortuously exhausting, is a chance to grow my insight and jargon. The main thing I have to enhance right presently Is, as a matter of fact, my book decisions. My Dad continually reminds me to move onto increasingly youthful grown-up distributions and cut back on the kids' books. Books are my tease incredible love.Through them, I can go on awesome undertakings that become practically genuine in my creative mind. I likewise identify with the characters as far as their characters and the things they do In the story. From the hero, opponent and the various characters in the middle of, I can discover somebody or in any event, something I can identify with in a book. My present most loved books are The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, where I have taken in a considerable number arrangement of new words, for example, hamster, thyroidal, prototypical, narcissistic, bacchanalia thus numerous different terms that were once excessively advanced or me to comprehend until I found them In the dictionary.The Fault In our stars is an endearing but additionally unfortunate rom antic tale of two youthful disease stricken youngsters who locate their own little interminability together inside their set number of days. I'd disclose to you all the more however I wouldn't have any desire to ruin the whole novel. Second in my top choices rundown would need to be The Book Thief by Markus Sake. Here, I saw World War II and the detestations of the Holocaust through a little youngster such as myself, who couldn't peruse and compose until she was given to a non-permanent family in Germany. Falsehoods Impinge afterward becomes friends with Max Vandenberg, a Jewish man who covers up in her family storm cellar to get away from the Nazis.Again, I won't ruin this incredible work and you should peruse it yourself. This book truly strikes me as something that can truly make all of us question our humankind. As practically we all know, the Holocaust in World War II was the most shocking slaughter in the whole world. A huge number of men, ladies and kids all executed Just in light of their religion. In the event that you ask me, Doll Hitler more likely than not been both crazy and visually impaired. Did he not realize that in World War l, around 96,000 Jewish troopers battled for Germany? It torments me to imagine that Hitler didn't recall that.The Book Thief is without a doubt one of those war books that will make them question humankind's mankind. With respect to a most loved book arrangement, I would need to express that the How to Train Your Dragon arrangement by British writer Caressed Jewell. I concede, it's a youngsters' books arrangement however I truly appreciate perusing the 1 OFF creative mind. Actually, this dearest arrangement has been transformed into two movies and a TV appear. Be that as it may, I'll reveal to all of you about it later. To be sure, through perusing books of numerous sorts I eave found things about myself I didn't know were there. I found that I have an ability for composing and storytelling.And I have developed to cheris h these two interests, which I trust that I can transform into a Job by turning into an essayist or a Journalist when I grow up. Beside perusing, I have additionally experienced being in scholarly challenges in my school where I have started to characterize myself as a savvy person. One of those challenges is the Essay Writing Contest the school has each year. I never truly win any prizes for my pieces however it's generally such a great amount of enjoyable to contend. Through article composing challenges, my composing capacity is consistently sharpened and continually improved with each exposition I write.So part of my Journey of self-revelation has been practiced through the methods for books and composing. The other part is, truly, what Vive been as of late fixating on. â€Å"Everything we think about you guys†¦ Is off-base! † †Hiccup Horrendous Haddock Ill (How to Train Your Dragon Movie) That line from a vivified film by Trademarks Animation has consistently be en installed in my memory. The initial segment of this exposition concentrated on my adoration for books and how perusing and composing eave helped me find who I am as far as what I can do in this world. This part will currently concentrate on who I genuinely am as a person.How to Train Your Dragon is a 2010 enlivened movie coordinated by Dean Edibles and Chris Sanders under Trademarks Animation. Its story rotates around a youthful Viking young person named Hiccup (Yeah, I know. The name is entirely bizarre. ) who lives in the anecdotal mythical beast battling island of Beer. In Beer, battling monsters is as fundamental as breathing air to live. Nonetheless, Hiccup is the half-pint of the town and is genuinely incapable to battle mythical serpents and can't vive up to his dad's desires. By chance, his dad, Stoics the Vast, is the clan chief.But when Hiccup makes an innovation that kills a ultra uncommon winged serpent species known as the Night Fury and endeavors to kill it, the you thful Viking at that point gets himself unfit to do as such. This at that point prompts him liberating it and setting up a prohibited kinship with the winged serpent, whom he names Toothless. In Hiccup world, become a close acquaintence with a monster is the most noteworthy demonstration of treachery. But at long last, Hiccup and Toothless' incredibly solid bond empowers them to change the connection between he mythical beasts and Vikings of Beer. Truly, it is an enlivened film. Yet, it isn't carefully for kids only.I had a genuine snapshot of self-revelation and self-definition when I watched this at my closest companion's proposal. Furthermore, I was promptly awestruck by the film on such huge numbers of levels. The detail on the liveliness was amazing, the lighting was great, the music score was Just wonderfully lovely. Be that as it may, what truly contacted my heart was the story. I truly identify with Hiccup. He is left-given, genuinely not in the best of shape, keen and very unique in relation to the remainder of his friends. L, myself, am likewise left-finished, truly frail, intellectually solid and†¦ Different.I regularly take a gander at my companions and others and I can't resist the urge to in some cases feel that I'm Just excessively unique. I don't care for all the things every other person likes and here and there I don't comprehend current patterns and adhere to the things I know. Like Hiccup, I am unique. And furthermore like Hiccup, I have grasped my distinction. On account of this film (and its TV arrangement and continuation) I have made sense of who I am as an individual. Everybody finds another pattern and they all zone. What's more, when somebody attempts to transform me, I relentlessly decline to do as such. I am a person. Also, I am glad for it.I'm unique in relation to every other person and that is alright. Believe it or not, we're all unique. We're Just frightened to show the world our individualistic. That is the reason I make a decent attempt to remain consistent with myself and ensure no one and nothing transforms me into something I am most certainly not. Be that as it may, I likewise remind myself to keep a receptive outlook and expand my viewpoints. At the point when I experience new things, it encourages me find all the more intriguing qualities that help characterize myself as an individual. What's more, that is actually what Hiccup does. He acknowledges his singularity and attempts to do things no one has ever attempted before.Throughout the film, TV arrangement and spin-off, Hiccup remained consistent with himself and didn't permit anybody to transform him. In the event that you should know, I have as of late observed How to Train Your Dragon 2 and had another extraordinary snapshot of acknowledgment. In the subsequent film, Hiccup is presently a youthful grown-up and is as of now attempting to get himself. This is actually what I'm doing well currently, even as I compose this. I am sorry if thi s article may appear to be erratically developed. I should concede, my composing style tends to confound a few people. In any case, that is basically how I have characterized myself as an individual, through books, composing and argons.And to come clean with you, self-revelation and characterizing yourself as an individual never stops. As the years pass by, you will have more encounters, more minutes that assist you with understanding that there's a whole other world to you than meets the eye. For me, I'm still quite youthful so I despite everything have far to go until I can finish my own definition. In the event that some of you may not completely know me yet, permit me to let you know by and by who I am. I am a person with an adoration for composing, making stories, understanding books, fixated on monsters. Furthermore, essentially, I am unique. Also, I am pleased to appear as something else.

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Alcohol Metabolism Could Be Key to Alcohols Dangers

Alcohol Metabolism Could Be Key to Alcohol's Dangers More in Addiction Alcohol Use Binge Drinking Withdrawal and Relapse Children of Alcoholics Drunk Driving Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery Heavy drinking increases the risk of a variety of negative health consequences from  liver disease to cancer. But some people who drink heavily appear to be at a greater risk for developing these problems than others. Researchers believe the difference between those with greater risk and those with lower risk may involve how the body metabolizes, or breaks down and eliminates alcohol, which can vary widely from individual to individual. How Fast Is Alcohol Metabolized? No matter how much alcohol you consume, your body can only metabolize a certain amount every hour. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it can take a fasting adult male between two to seven hours to return to a zero blood-alcohol content (BAC), or blood alcohol concentration, level after rapidly consuming one to four  standard drinks. People who drank only one drink recorded a BAC of 0.00 in just over two hours later. Those who had four drinks during the first hour did not return to a 0.00 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) until seven hours later. The results illustrate the fact that the body can only break down and eliminate so much alcohol per hour. It is important to remember that these times are averages. In reality, the time each individual takes to metabolize alcohol can vary widely. But in all cases, alcohol is metabolized more slowly than it is absorbed. How the Body Metabolizes Alcohol When alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed into the blood from the stomach and intestines. Then enzymes, bodily chemicals that break down other chemicals, begin to metabolize the alcohol. Two liver enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), begin to break apart the alcohol molecule so it can eventually be eliminated from the body. ADH helps convert alcohol to acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is only in the body for a short time because it is rapidly converted to acetate by other enzymes. Although acetaldehyde is present in the body a short period of time, it is highly toxic and a known carcinogen. Most of the alcohol is metabolized by the liver as described above, but small amounts are eliminated from the body by forming fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs), compounds that have been found to damage the liver and pancreas. Lastly, a small quantity of alcohol is not metabolized and is instead eliminated in the breath and urine, which is how BAC is measured in breath and urine tests. The Dangers of Acetaldehyde Acetaldehyde can cause significant damage to the liver because that is where most alcohol is broken down into the toxic by-product. That said, some alcohol is instead metabolized in the pancreas and the brain, where acetaldehyde can also damage cells and tissues. Small amounts of alcohol are metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, which can also be damaged by acetaldehyde. Some researchers believe the effects of acetaldehyde go beyond the damage it can cause to tissues, but might also be responsible for some of the behavioral and physiological effects attributed to alcohol. Is Acetaldehyde Responsible for Impairment? When researchers administered acetaldehyde to laboratory animals it caused incoordination, memory impairment, and sleepiness. Other researchers claim it is not possible for acetaldehyde alone to cause these effects because the brain protects itself from toxic chemicals in the blood with its unique blood-brain barrier. Nevertheless, when the enzymes catalase and CYP2E1 metabolize alcoholâ€"which only happens when large amounts are consumedâ€"acetaldehyde can be produced in the brain itself. The Genetics Behind Metabolism The size of the liver and body mass of the drinker are factors in how much alcohol a person can metabolize in an hour, but research tells us that the genetic makeup of the individual is probably the most significant factor in how efficiently alcohol is broken down and eliminated. Variations of ADH and ALDH enzymes have been traced to variations in the genes that produce these enzymes. Some people have ADH and ALDH enzymes that work less efficiently than others, while others have enzymes that work more effectively. Simply put, this means some people have enzymes that can break down alcohol to acetaldehyde or acetaldehyde to acetate, more quickly than others. If someone has a fast-acting ADH enzyme or a slow-acting ALDH enzyme, they can have toxic acetaldehyde build up in the body, which can create dangerous or unpleasant effects when they drink alcohol. The Difference Between Women and Men Women absorb and metabolize alcohol differently from men. Research has shown that women may have less ADH enzyme activity in the stomach, allowing a larger percentage of alcohol to reach the blood before being metabolized. This could be one reason women who drink are more susceptible to alcohol liver disease, heart muscle damage, and brain damage than men. Genetics and Alcoholism Genetics can also be a factor in whether or not the person is susceptible to developing alcohol use disorders. For example, there is one variation of these enzymes that causes a build-up of acetaldehyde to the point it causes facial flushing, nausea, and a rapid heart rate. These effects can occur with even moderate alcohol consumption. This gene variant is common in people of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent, who may drink less because of the unpleasant side effects. Their gene variant has a protective effect against developing alcoholism. That protective gene, ADH1B*2 is rarely found in people of European and African descent. Another variant, ADH1B*3, is found in 15% to 25% of African Americans and protects against alcoholism. That said, one study found variations of the ALDH enzyme, ALDH1A1*2,  and ALDH1A1*3 may be associated with alcoholism in African-American people. Its Not All Genetic According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), alcohol use disorder  does not have a clear pattern of genetic inheritance, but the children of people with alcohol use disorder are still two to six times more likely than the general population to develop problems with alcohol use themselves. This increased risk may, in part, be a result of some shared genetic factors, but experts also believe that shared environmental and social factors likely are at play as well. For example, while the research found that people of Japanese descent who have alcohol addiction who carried the protective ADH1B*2 gene version increased from 2.5% to 13% between 1979 and 1992, alcohol consumption in Japan also increased significantly. Furthermore, in the United States, more Native Americans die of alcohol-related causes than any other ethnic group, but researchers found there is no difference in the enzyme patterns or alcohol metabolism rates of Native Americans and Caucasians, indicating that there are other factors at play in the development of alcohol-related problems. Health Consequences of Alcohol Consumption Heavy or chronic alcohol consumption has been linked to a long list of negative health consequences and long-term adverse effects. Some of these health problems have been directly linked to how alcohol is metabolized in the body and the production of acetaldehyde. Cancer The toxic effects of acetaldehyde have been linked to the development of cancers of the mouth, throat, upper respiratory tract, liver, colon, and breasts. Ironically, the genes that protect some individuals from developing alcoholism may actually increase their vulnerability to developing cancer. Although they are less likely to drink large amounts of alcohol, these people are at greater risk for developing cancer because their bodies produce more acetaldehyde when they do drink. Therefore, even some moderate drinkers are a greater risk of developing cancer. Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Because the liver is the organ that metabolizes most of the alcohol in the body and therefore is where most of the acetaldehyde is produced, it is particularly vulnerable to the effects of alcohol metabolism. More than 90% of heavy drinkers develop fatty liver. Alcohol-Related Pancreatitis Because some alcohol metabolism also takes place in the pancreas, it is exposed to high levels of acetaldehyde and FAEEs. However, less than 10% of heavy drinkers develop alcoholic pancreatitis, indicating that alcohol consumption alone is not the only factor in developing the disease. Other factors may include smoking, diet, drinking patterns and the differences in how alcohol is metabolized may play a role, but none have been definitively linked to pancreatitis. Increased Body Weight Alcohol consumption does not necessarily lead to increased body weight, in spite of its relatively high caloric value. Although moderate alcohol consumption does not lead to weight gain in lean men or women, studies have found that alcohol added to the diets of overweight people does lead to weight gain. Effects on Sex Hormones In men, alcohol metabolism contributes to testicular injury and impairs testosterone synthesis and sperm production. Prolonged testosterone deficiency may contribute to feminization in males, such as breast enlargement. In women, alcohol metabolism may cause increased production of estradiol and decreased estradiol metabolism, resulting in increased levels. Estradiol contributes to increased bone density and a reduced risk of coronary artery disease. Interactions With Medication Alcohol consumption affects the metabolism of many different medications, increasing the activity of some and diminishing the effectiveness of others. Chronic heavy drinking has been found to activate the CYP2E1 enzyme, which can change acetaminophen into a toxic chemical that can cause liver damage even when taken in regular therapeutic doses. Metabolism-Based Treatment of Alcoholism National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funded research continues to examine how variations in the way the body metabolizes alcohol may influence why some people drink more than others and why some develop serious alcohol-related health problems. Researchers believe how the body breaks down and eliminates alcohol may hold the key to explaining the differences, and continued research may help in developing metabolism-based treatments for people who drink who are at risk for developing alcohol-related health problems.

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College Application Mistakes You Should Avoid

I met with Jeremy Spencer, former Director of Admissions at Alfred University, and asked him what he sees as the most common blunders made by college applicants. Below are six mistakes he encounters frequently. 1. Missing Deadlines The college admissions process is filled with deadlines, and missing a deadline can mean a rejection letter or lost financial aid. A typical college applicant has dozens of dates to remember: Application deadlines which vary from school to schoolEarly action and early decision deadlines, if applicableInstitutional financial aid deadlinesFederal financial aid deadlinesState financial aid deadlinesScholarship deadlines Realize that some colleges will accept applications after the deadline if they have not yet filled their new class. However, financial aid may be much harder to obtain late in the application process. (Learn more about senior year deadlines.) 2. Applying for Early Decision When It’s Not the Right Choice Students who apply to a college through Early Decision typically must sign a contract stating that they are applying to just the one college early. Early Decision is a restricted admissions process, so it is not a good choice for students who aren’t really sure that the Early Decision school is their first choice. Some students apply through Early Decision because they think it will improve their chance of admission, but in the process they end up restricting their options. Also, if students violate their contract and apply to more than one college through Early Decision, they run the risk of being removed from the applicant pool for misleading the institution. While this is not the policy at Alfred University, some colleges share their Early Decision applicant lists to make sure students haven’t applied to multiple schools through Early Decision. (Learn about the difference between early decision and early action.) 3. Using the Wrong College Name in an Application Essay Understandably, many college applicants write a single admissions essay and then change the name of the college for different applications. Applicants need to make sure the college name is correct everywhere it appears. The admissions officers will not be impressed if an applicant begins by discussing how much she really wants to go to Alfred University, but the last sentence says, â€Å"R.I.T. is the best choice for me.† Mail merge and global replace can’t be relied on 100% -- applicants need to reread each application carefully, and they should have someone else proofread as well. (Learn more tips for the application essay.) 4. Applying to a College Online Without Telling School Counselors The Common Application and other online options make it easier than ever to apply to colleges. Many students, however, make the mistake of submitting applications online without notifying their high school guidance counselors. Counselors play an important role in the application process, so leaving them out of the loop can lead to several problems: High school transcripts are delayed or never get mailedLetters of recommendation from teachers are delayed or never get sentThe college admissions decision process becomes inefficient and delayedApplications end up being incomplete because the counselor can’t follow up with the colleges 5. Waiting too Long to Ask for Letters of Recommendation Applicants who wait until the last minute to ask for letters of recommendation run the risk that the letters will be late, or they will not be thorough and thoughtful. To get good letters of recommendation, applicants should identify teachers early, talk with them, and give them as much information as possible about each program to which they are applying. This allows teachers to craft letters that match an applicant’s particular strengths with specific college programs. Letters written at the last minute rarely contain this type of useful specificity. (Learn more about getting good letters of recommendation.) 6. Failing to Limit Parents’ Involvement Students need to self-advocate during the admissions process. The college is admitting the student, not the student’s mom or dad. It’s the student who needs to build a relationship with the college, not the parents. Helicopter parents--those who constantly hover--end up doing a disservice to their children. Students need to manage their own affairs once they get to college, so the admissions staff wants to see evidence of this self-sufficiency during the application process. While parents should certainly be involved in the college admissions process, the student needs to make the connections with the school and complete the application. Jeremy Spencer’s Bio: Jeremy Spencer served as the Director of Admissions at Alfred University from 2005 to 2010. Prior to AU, Jeremy served as the Director of Admissions at Saint Joseph’s College (IN) and various admissions level positions at Lycoming College (PA) and Miami University (OH). At Alfred, Jeremy was responsible for both the undergraduate and graduate admissions process and supervised 14 professional admissions staff. Jeremy earned his BA degree (Biology and Psychology) at Lycoming College and his MS degree (College Student Personnel) at Miami University.

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Humorous Wedding Speech - Some Advice for the Bridegroom...

Humorous Wedding Speech - Some Advice for the Bridegroom (Groom) Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - If you didnt know already, my name is Alberto and Im in the wedding party. That is the reason I?m dressed like this. What have I done to be blessed with such an honour? Who?s dropped out at the last minute? Had William?s other friends left the country? Could I turn the job down and still get an invite to eat and drink at William?s expense? I didn?t want to risk it, so lets get on with it. Sherry, you make a fine bride and looked absolutely stunning in the church this morning. William, you looked ? well ? a bit like me, but perhaps a touch thinner. But I think youd all agree that it was a wonderful service. Mind you, those†¦show more content†¦And unlike when we lived together, you?re going to have to transfer food onto dishes instead of eating your dinner straight out of the saucepan ? and wash up after meals instead of putting all the things in together at the end of the week? when you take your bath. This is good advice William and its in your best interest. Apparently, there has never been one recorded case in history where a wife has shot her husband while he was doing the washing up. If truth be told, William, in order to achieve a state of affairs as blissful as possible I?d advise you to mend all your bachelor ways. Accustomed as you are to having only yourself to answer to in your flat, your will now have to adjust to a new regime - which will not tolerate laziness! There?s no denying it, William, you?re bone idle, which is why Sherry had no idea you were planning to propose. When you said you had something to ask her, she thought it would be whether she should put a call into Dominos. If Sherry wants you to do something, my advice is, don?t argue with her. You might win, and then you?d really be in trouble. But however bad the situation gets, there are some magic words William can say to Sherry that are guaranteed to make everything all right again - and this final piece of advice was given to me by the bride?s father - here they are William, repeat after me: ?The bathroom is yours and yours alone!? Sherry, I dont feel I can stand up hereShow MoreRelatedEssay about Humorous Wedding Speech by the Father of the Groom571 Words   |  3 PagesHumorous Wedding Speech by the Father of the Groom Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I must admit, I am more nervous about participating in this wedding than I was as the groom (bridegroom) at my own wedding. Maybe its because I have been married thirty years and I know what my son is getting himself in to! Joking aside, Ive had a wonderful marriage and I would like to remind David and Arba that its a serious business, and shouldnt be entered into lightly - although, at his weight

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Norm Violation Essay Free Essays

Brenda Mora 4 October 2011 SOC 101-3003 Norm Violation Exercise The norm violation exercise that I decided to experiment with was invasion of space. My plan was to go up to random people in small groups of three or four and ask one of them for help, thank them, hug them, and walk away; my friend thought it sounded like fun so he volunteered to perform the encounters. If somebody I didn’t know came up and hugged me for no apparent reason I would most likely think they were either weird or drunk. We will write a custom essay sample on Norm Violation Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now For this reason I decided to do this particular experiment. Most of the people my friend hugged did not react in the way I predicted. I decided to carry out the experiment at the Wal-Mart on Charleston and Decatur since it’s close to where we both live and it is never scarce in people. We enacted the experiment in different sections of the store since there were more dense amounts of people in certain areas. The areas where we performed the experiment were in the electronics department, the home decorations department, the food section, and the cash register section. The electronics department had plenty of people, males in particular, I was especially eager to see the feedback of the men in this section since my friend is a guy. The home decorations department had plenty of females; the food and cash register sections had a mixture of both genders. The first person we approached was a male Wal-Mart sales associate arranging phone displays in the electronics department. We both went up to him and my friend asked him where the exercising equipment was located, he responded and pointed us in the direction, as I walked my friend thanked him and gave him a big bear hug. The sales associate let my friend hug him, patted his back, laughed, and starred at us in an awkward manner as we left. He didn’t have much reaction to my friend hugging him. It didn’t seem to have bothered him, as soon as we left he simply returned to his work. The second encounter involved a man with his wife and son and what seemed to be one of their friends or relative which also occurred in the electronics department. My friend went up to them as I stood behind a magazine rack and he asked the woman’s husband if he could point him in the direction of the clothing department. The man gave my friend directions and just as he was returning to the conversation between his friend and wife, my friend quickly put his arms around the slightly large man and embraced him for about three seconds before he let go, thanked him, and walked away. As my friend walked away I noticed the man simply and quickly returned to his conversation as if nothing had happened. His wife and friend starred at my friend as he walked away and laughed as if they still couldn’t believe what had just happened. The third and fourth group of people that we encountered took place in the home decorations section of the store. Both groups were all women; one group consisted of two women and the other group of three young women. The first group of two women seemed to have been a mother and a middle aged daughter, my friend approached the women and asked for their opinion on an item, the daughter answered him but before she could go back to her business he hugged her, I noticed a frightened expression on her face and my friend told me he noticed she held on to her mother’s arm as he hugged her. The second group of women were also asked for their opinion on a Halloween decoration, the girl told my friend what she thought and before she could get back to her business he hugged her. One of the two girls with her asked her if she knew him and the other girl laughed and starred at my friend, the girl herself couldnt believed it and she even blushed a bit. The fifth and sixth encounter took place in the food and cash register section with a distinct group of people; the first was a family of three consisting of a husband, wife and child and the second of two female Wal-Mart sales associates surrounded by people in line waiting to pay for their groceries. The family of three were choosing their food when my friend approached the husband and asked him if he could reach something from the top shelf for him since he was exceedingly tall, the man gladly agreed and my friend thanked him and quickly hugged him. The wife laughed while the child took no notice and as my friend walked away the man stopped him and said â€Å"Your welcome, man†, this was the first time anybody had responded to his action. The second group of females at the cash register were helping customers when my friend approached them and asked for help, one of them gave him directions and began about her business when he hugged her, she laughed and went back to what she was doing. However, her co-worker did not approve and gave my friend a cold stare as he walked away, the people waiting in line laughed for three seconds, gave a few stares, and went back to their business. The last group of people were two males, an older and younger brother who were testing out video games in the electronics section. My friend walked up, stood next to them and asked for their opinion on a video game, the older boy answered my friend and as soon as he finished my friend hugged him and quickly walked away. As he walked away I observed the younger boys face which expressed how much he couldn’t believe it, the older boy didn’t laugh at first but then he came around, shook his head, laughed and walked away. My friend said that as he hugged the boy he went stiff and said â€Å"whoa†, as if he tried to tell him to back off, but no words could come out. This boys reaction was my favorite because the expression on his face said let me go but at the same time he seemed scared as if my friend would hurt him if he said anything. This experiment was interesting because of all of the different reactions that I saw. I did not expect for most of the reactions to result in the same way. I hoped for somebody to speak up and ask what my friend’s problem was but nobody seemed to care much. The only reactions that truly caught my attention were the three females where one of them blushed and the group with the older and younger brother where the older brother tried to speak up but couldn’t. Besides a few cold stares, there were no severe consequences. How to cite Norm Violation Essay, Essay examples

Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Struggles of Odysseus free essay sample

Odysseus’s Struggles Odysseus faces many conflicts in The Odyssey. He faces both internal and external conflicts. He has many different decisions to make, such as to face Scylla or Charybdis with is crew. In my opinion, the three most important conflicts are when Odysseus’s men refuse to listen when he tells them not to eat the cattle, the fact that he was pulled away from his wife, Penelope, and their newborn son, and when Odysseus faces the Cyclopes. One thing that I learned while reading this story as that Odysseus’s men are stubborn. They refuse to listen to him. They ate Helios’s (the sun god) cattle. This had some negative reactions from the rest of the gods. The main part of the aftermath was when Zeus destroyed Odysseus’s ship, and killed his men. Afterwards, Odysseus struggled to get back home to Ithaca, into the loving arms of his wife and (now older) son. We will write a custom essay sample on The Struggles of Odysseus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Another main conflict was when Odysseus was longing the comfort of his wife’s arms and wanting to actually spend time with his son. Odysseus loved his wife. He had two instances where goddesses wanted to keep him to their selves, but he still desired his dear Penelope. Penelope gave birth to Odysseus’s son the day Odysseus had to leave to fight in the Trojan War. Odysseus was gone for about 10 years, and he had only seen his son when he was first born. He would have liked to see how his son had grown up, but he hadn’t been able to, until he finally returned home, after 10 years. Odysseus was bold in trying to search the Cyclopes’ cave. He wanted to wait for the Cyclops to return to see what the Cyclops would offer him. When the Cyclops returned, however, it trapped Odysseus and his men in the cave, and snacked on a few. Odysseus believed that guests should be treated with the utmost respect, but the Cyclopes didn’t feel that way toward guests. The Cyclopes didn’t believe in any customs, or laws for that matter. I feel that Odysseus has had many struggles in his adventures, and that he deserved to finally find his way back to his family. Odysseus has had many conflicts in The Odyssey, but just a few of them were more important, to me, than the others. The three most important ones are when Odysseus’s men didn’t listen and decided to eat the sun god’s cattle, his great longing for his wife and son, and his encounter with the Cyclops. I believe that Odysseus learned a valuable lesson in this story, and that is, not to take anything for granted.